Chuckleberry Community Farm
4558 Awesome View Road V0G 2G2
Beasley, BC , Canada
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Chuckleberry Community Farm

At Chuckleberry, we’re building a new model for farming, and educating the next generation of young farmers how to work together in a community by integrating teachings of essential relational skills, using sustainable energy systems, innovative organic farming techniques with small footprint & high yield practices. Participants experience meaningful shared work together that educates in a relationally satisfying environment while generating more sustainability and food security. The people who come here learn about year-round food production, alternative energy production, eco-houses, alternative affordable housing, and harmonious community living – all promoting a more sustainable lifestyle.

From our earthy farm setting in the Selkirk Mountains we supply the Kootenays and Okanagan with organic microgreens. We grow year round in our annualized geo solar greenhouse that is predominantly heated and powered by the sun.

Growing our microgreens indoors in a secure, controlled environment allows us to supply our customers with a consistent, reliable product and steady supply of microgreens year-round.

Chuckleberry Farm operates out of an annualized geo-solar greenhouse heated primarily by the sun. Our system uses active and passive solar heat and stores it in an earthbound heat sink that keeps our facility at a constant 27 degrees Celsius temperature so that our temperatures don’t fluctuate.

A photovoltaic system converts light from the sun through an inverter and powers our LED grow lights. Our microgreens are then grown on 7 different levels on automated lighting and irrigation systems. Immediately adjacent to our indoor grow facility through double insulated doors is a cold room refrigerated to 2 degree Celsius. This allows us to immediately refrigerate our harvested greens, keeping them crisp, fresh, and most importantly, food safe.

Our water is filtered through 250 feet of glacial sand, making it extremely pure and high in trace minerals and micronutrients, enriching the nutritional value of our microgreens.

Chuckleberry Community Farm is committed to organic farming practices. We received our organic certification through the North Okanagan Organic Association (NOOA Cert. #04-327), in accordance with the Certified Organic Associations of British Columbia (COABC). Our organic certification also indicates that we are non-GMO.

Chuckleberry Community Farm is committed to food safe practices for our consumers. We are certified FOODSAFE, Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) Safe Food for Canadians (SFA) licensed, and in process of getting our GAP Canada certification.

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