Chuckureese Abattior Ltd
2427 20th St V0B1G2
Creston, BC , Canada
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Chuckureese Abattoir Ltd


We take great pride in raising top quality chickens and turkeys. Durring the Spring summer and Fall they are pasture raised and moved to new grass daily. Durring the winter months our Chuckureese "winter" chickens are raised in a brand new barn. They have ample room to roam fresh bedding regularly. Constant supply of fresh water and certified organic feed. All of our poulty is processed in our government inspected abbattior right on our farm. Keeping it as stress free as possible for the birds. 

You are more than welcome to come see our poultry being raised.
Know your farmer, and how the product your buying was raised.


Curtis and Megan Smith 

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