Lucky Cupcakes
777 Baker St. V1L 4J5
Nelson, BC , Canada
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Lucky Cupcakes

Lucky Cupcakes is an artisanal bakery that prides itself in using top-quality organic and premium natural ingredients. We crack each golden egg and measure each cup of organic flour by hand.  We offer you beautiful sweets that have been created lovingly and passionately by people, not machines.

In 2011, Lisa Luckett started Lucky Cupcakes.  Lucky’s decadent cupcakes were a hit at any social gathering, and it quickly made a name for itself. In March of 2019, Lisa handed her spatula and Lucky’s trade secrets to Karla Rizzuto.

Karla’s happy place is in the kitchen.  Her fondest memories are sitting around the kitchen table, making traditional Italian cookies and delicacies with the women of her famiglia. She finds joy in creating and innovating with pure and simple ingredients.  She is thrilled to continue the legacy of Lucky.

Lucky…Simplicity worth savouring in a sweet moment.

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