Farm Fresh Pack


Forrest Farm's Farm Fresh Pack!

Forrest Farm has you covered with a quick and easy solution, we are offering a pre-assembled Ready Pack! Everything is fresh and has been ethically raised on our farm!

Available to pre-order for quick pick up at The Farmstand on SATURDAYS from 10 am-3 pm, Just grab and go!

Packs will include

2 Dozen Free Range Chicken Eggs, 2 dozen Quail Eggs and Various cuts of Forrest Farm Pasture-raised Pork and Grass-fed Lamb as they are available,

and can include...

-Lamb Shoulder Chops

-Ground Lamb

-Lamb Shanks

-Smoked Polish-Ham Sausage

- Back Bacon

 All Meat is Government inspected, Certified, and delicious!

$125.00 / each
In stock

Forrest Farm Salmo

​Ethically Raised Animals. At Forrest Farm we value animal welfare above all else. We are striving to become a...

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We loved our Forrest Farm pack! The pork and lamb were both flavourful and tender. The quail eggs were adorable and tasty and the chicken eggs were large, various colours and hearty. To top it off, this farm is so wonderful to visit when you pick your order up. I highly recommend this!
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