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At Mr. Mercy's Mushrooms, we try to keep things simple.  We grow seasonally in greenhouses using just water and the sun's energy.  We fruit our mushrooms from all-organic media.  We produce strains appropriate for our West Kootenay climate, from Blue Oysters and Enoki in the Spring and Fall to White Elms, Lion's Mane, and Reishi in the heat of summer.  We are a small family operation with a focus on buildings strong partnerships close to home.



We like white button mushrooms. Honestly. But they're one of an estimated 5 million types of fungi. We hope to stimulate your curiosity and appetite with an assortment of beautiful and unique gourmet varieties and nourish your body and mind by partnering with local herbalists to create nourishing fungal tinctures.



Grow-at-Home kits from Mr.Mercy's Mushrooms are the easiest way to produce mushrooms year-round, in your own home. Each kit contains a 5lb bag of mushroom growing media, inoculated with the species of your choice. Simply cut the kit open, keep warm and moist, and watch beautiful fresh mushrooms spring to life in as little as 1-2 weeks!
A favourite for the beginner to the intermediate grower. Grow-at-Home kits are great as gifts or as an edible science project for kids. 
Available species change seasonally. Some of these species are Blue Oyster, White Elm Oyster, Lion's Mane, Bear's Head, Shiitake, and Chestnut.

$25 each or 5 for $100, plus shipping. You can mix-and-match species. 



Starting the 1st week of May! Reserve your box now!

Enjoy fresh, certified organic mushrooms every week with a subscription to Mr.Mercy's Mushroom Box! With a selection that changes with the seasons, these baskets of beautiful mushrooms are sure to add both nutrition and inspiration to the week's meal planning. Varieties include Oyster, Shiitake, Lion's Mane, Chestnut, and more. The mushrooms are accompanied by serving suggestions. Choose to buy-in either monthly or for the whole 18-week season. Get your mushroom fix, while saving money and directly supporting a small organic farm in the Kootenays!


Create your own mushroom logs with Certified BC Organic spawn from Mr.Mercy's! Choose from a variety of strains appropriate for a Canadian climate and follow a few easy steps to inoculate a mushroom log that will fruit for years to come with the right care. We offer both sawdust and dowel spawn made in-house in Kaslo, BC, and are proud to be partnering with Swan Valley Honey in Creston to bring you high-quality beeswax for use as a sealant. Inoculation tools (for making the job much more efficient when using sawdust spawn) are also available for weekly rental. Pick-up one of our bundles to get the whole job done quickly and affordably! 
Please note that other materials (such as fresh logs) are required for this project. Get familiar with the techniques and necessary materials BEFORE ordering to ensure a successful harvest.


Sawdust spawn is the most versatile form of mushroom inoculant, and when used correctly is cheaper and faster to colonize than dowel spawn. Care is required to prevent spawn from drying post-inoculation, and an inoculation tool (available for rental through our products) is suggested to make the process quicker, and make spawn go further. We recommend starting with popular and versatile strains like Oyster and Shiitake, but any of the mushrooms we grow can be ordered (in season) as sawdust spawn. 


Dowel spawn is perfect for small projects and beginner cultivators, as it is more robust and easier to use than sawdust spawn. We offer both Oyster and Shiitake as dowel spawn, and other species can be ordered with a 6-week lead time (additional charges may apply).


Visit our website at for updates, growing tips, and helpful videos!



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