Root & Vine Acres
Wynndel, BC , Canada
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Root & Vine Acres

Hello and Thank you for choosing us to help feed your family.

In 2008 we created “Root & Vine Acres”. Originally the plan was to sell garden produce at one farmers market and now with 12 years of growing, farmers markets and deliveries under our belt we have fine-tuned our operation to offer a variety of veggies, fruits and pasture raised meats. The pasture raised meat part of our farm was started in 2010 with one Berkshire hog named Annie. Annie is still on the farm (retired) but the number of animals has grown to include meat quality and breeding stock of Mangalitsa specialty hogs and Berkshire Hogs. We also have a select herd of Texas Long Horn Cattle and have started to build our Boer goat heard.

We sell all cuts of meat from pork chops to roasts to a variety of sausages and dry cured salamis.

Our animals are treated with the utmost respect and raised on pasture. We choose local grain, grass, fruit and veggies for their feed and all of our meat is government inspected. 

We use a master butcher in Kimberly to handcraft small batch sausages and salamis and we use local packaging and labeling supply stores.  

The most rewarding aspect of our business is the customer relationships that become friendships developed year after year. 

Thank you for supporting us in our passion on our family run farm.

Jessica, Jeff and Tommy too!

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