BUNDLE #1: 5lb OYSTER Sawdust Spawn, 1 lb Beeswax & Inoculation Tool Rental


This bundle includes a 5lb Oyster Sawdust Spawn, 1lb Local Bees Wax (Swan Valley Honey, Creston), and a 1-week rental of the inoculation tool. Prices do not include shipping, if applicable. Customers are responsible for any return postage on inoculation tools. A late return will result in an additional week rental charge ($10). 

Sawdust spawn is the most versatile form of mushroom inoculant, and when used correctly is cheaper and faster to colonize than dowel spawn. Care is required to prevent spawn from drying post-inoculation, and an inoculation tool (available for rental through our product page) is suggested to make the process quicker and make spawn go further. 

A 5lb bag will inoculate up to 25 logs with an inoculation tool.

Oyster: The classic Oyster Mushroom. High yielding, with large clusters of blue-tinged mushrooms. Easy to fruit over a wide range of temperatures. Oyster Mushrooms are an aggressive and versatile decomposer of various hardwoods. Try on Birch or Cottonwood logs and expect seasonal fruitings beginning as soon as 6 months after inoculation. 

For a complete spawn list or bulk purchase inquiries, please contact [email protected]

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